Bathroom Remodeling

When people think of home renovations, they often think of it as too expensive to afford. The sort of thing that only rich people can have. The fact of the matter is that anyone can make renovations and improvements to their home, if they’re willing to put in the time and effort.


Most home renovations are actually fairly easy to complete, even with zero prior experience. The first step is to decide what you want to renovate. Are you going to retile your bathroom? Install new cabinets in the kitchen? Maybe you want to lay down some hardwood flooring in the living room. All of these can be done fairly easily! Let’s examine the bathroom tile example more closely.

Kitchen remodel Phoenix┬áis fairly simple. The labor can all be done yourself, and you only need a handful of tools, all of which can be either purchased inexpensively, or rented. The general process goes something like this; knock out the old tile, install new cement board, select your new tile and measure out the area to be covered, and determine how much tile you’ll need. plan out your pattern ahead of time to find out if you’ll need to trim any tiles. If you do need to trim tiles, rent a wet saw, which is a special saw that uses water to help cut through hard, brittle materials, like tile.


With your pattern planned out, your tiles trimmed, and your cement board installed, it’s time to install the tile itself. You’ll need mortar, a cement like adhesive that will afix the tiles to the wall. Along with mortar you’ll need a trowel, spacers, and grout. You’ll use the trowel to spread the mortar, spacers to keep your tiles from sliding around, and grout to seal them up when your done. From here you simply lay your tile where you planned, space them out using your spacers, and once they’re all set, seal the gaps with grout, to keep water from getting in and softening the mortar.

Of course, it’s all a little more detailed than that, but you can find all the specifics out easily enough. The packaging on the mortar will tell you how to mix it. The employees at the hardware store can tell you how to use a wet saw. All the tools and information you need to do these renovations yourself are right at your fingertips!

Kitchens should be filled with children. Perhaps you’re a grandparent or thinking of the possibility of the fact that you may become one, one day, it’s crucial to consider having the kid-factor in your kitchen. You’ll certainly want to be sure that they’re able to reach the countertops so they can assist you in baking those delicious blueberry muffins; and that they’re absolutely safe from burning their little hands whenever reach to grab a steaming hot one fresh from the oven.